WHy carpet pro?


Most truck-mounted cleaning units do not produce enough heat nor vacuum power needed for a deep clean. Their power source is a 15-25 horsepower gas engine that runs at one speed. It also has a heat range from 10-160 degrees. In steam cleaning, when you lack power you must use chemicals to make up for the difference.  

Carpet Pro Cleaning And Restoration makes its own truck powered equipment that runs on V8 power, coming straight from the transmission of the truck. The cruise control allows us to set the suction and heat to our desire. The large power source allows us to have the vacuum power for extra long runs of the hose, for extra-fast drying time, and less chance of reappearing spots. This plus the 270-degree continuous flow, sets us apart from other cleaning companies. There's no need for pre-sprays.

About us

My name is Kurt Knox and I am the owner and operator of Carpet Pro Cleaning and Restoration. I have a passion for customer satisfaction and catering to each customer's personal needs. I was born and raised in Iowa and have a degree in tool and dye making, but I never thought I would be in the cleaning and restoration industry.  

My wife and I owned a national cleaning franchise for several years—which I learned many good things from—but at the end of the day I knew that I could make a better carpet cleaning system. Repeat customers are crucial in this business, so I knew I had to make the best machine possible and have consistent monthly specials to draw any type of customer value. I built my first van in 2004, it exceed all my expectations, and my company was born.  

I want my customers to know me and my company by the quality of the cleaning performed, and call back again and again for all their cleaning needs.  

Remember, no matter how much you pay, if it's not completely clean, you paid too much.  

Serving the Des Moines and Ames metros and surrounding communities including West Des Moines, Johnston, Grimes, Ankeny, Altoona, Indianola, Waukee, Huxley and more. Call us at 515-222-0091, to see if we can help you.